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Course Schedule

Please note that all the times are in Pacific Time (GMT -7). Please adjust the calendar according to your own timezone. If you are unable to attend any course(s), don't worry! All of the Guitarlab courses will be recorded and uploaded daily for enrolled participants to view.

Day 1

Monday, July 22

9-9:30am Guitarlab Welcome

9:30-10:30am  Technique Workshop with Kevin Loh
10:30-11:30am Sight Reading Lab
1-3pm Studio Class
3-4pm Zoom Hang! 

Day 2

Tuesday, July 23

9-9:30am Technique Lab (Concert Warm-Ups)
9:30-10:30am Fretboard Harmony Lab
10:30-12:30pm Studio Class (Bo/Jaxon)

2-3pm Conversation with ArcoStrum
3-4pm Zoom Hang!

Day 3

Wednesday, July 24

9-10am Guitar Transcription Lab
10-11am Brazilian Music & Rhythms Lab

12-3pm Masterclass with Marko Topchii
3-4pm Final Zoom Hang!

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