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What is Guitarlab?

In the early days of the Classical Guitar, a few influential names played all the concerts, recorded all the music, and dictated the future of the instrument.  The years since have brought steady growth to the instrument, and now the classical guitar is enjoyed by millions worldwide! In the last decade, we've seen an unprecedented explosion of new world-class guitarists bursting onto the performance scene.  Guitarlab connects motivated classical guitar learners to these talented young professionals who are the cream of the crop: international competition winners, international concert artists, field innovators, and renowned pedagogues! 

Finally, guitarists can have access to the world's best at the click of a button!


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Connect with peers worldwide

One of the most important parts of any summer guitar camp is the new friendships and connections made, many of which last a lifetime and turn into career opportunities. During our Summer Intensive, guitarists have those same opportunities. Between interactive lessons/masterclasses/workshops and daily meet-ups/hangs, students at guitarlab spend hours together with ample opportunities to meet new friends and network with colleagues and teachers.​

A new breed of Teachers

Battle-tested in today's ever-changing musical world, Guitarlab Teaching Artists bring the youth, energy, and savvy of world-class young professionals who know how to navigate the confusing waters of being a 21st century Classical Guitarist. Topics include: university studies, competitions/festivals, building a career, becoming a concert artist, and so much more. At Guitarlab, students learn much more than just how to play Classical guitar; they get mentorship from relevant and growing voices in today's guitar world.

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